Farefare Bible

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About the Farefare Language

Farefare , also known asFrafra, Gurene, Gurenne, Gurune, Nankani, Ninkare, Talensi, is a language of Ghana.

It has over 683,000 users in the Upper East region: Bolgatanga municipal district, Frafra area, west to Navrongo.

Dialects include; Gurune (Gudeni, Gudenne, Gurenne, Zuadeni), Nankani (Naani, Nankanse), Booni, Talni (Taleni, Talensi), Nabt (Nabdam, Nabde, Nabdem, Nabdug, Nabit, Nabnam, Nabrug, Nabte, Namnam, Nangodi). 5 major dialects and many minor ones. Dialects are divided according to geography and ethnic sub-boundaries. Some named after towns or localities. Consider Southern Dagaare [dga] in particular a sister language.

It is the de facto provincial language in Upper East Region.

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